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Inspection Information
These requirements must be met before obtaining an inspection from the building official.

Footing Inspections
  • Engineer’s soil report available, if applicable
  • Erosion control in place when required
  • Excavation / form work completed; if reinforced, secured per code
  • Inspection record card available
  • Job site address posted during the entire construction process
  • Submit footing elevation verification by the surveyor to the city engineer division prior to foundation wall construction

Framing Inspections
  • All framing, fire blocking, and bracing in place and completed
  • Approved site plans available
  • Building and fireplace inspection record cards posted
  • Enclosure / container provided on site for all construction-related rubbish; contents periodically disposed to prevent littering of property or adjacent areas until final inspection approval
  • Engineer approved and signed shop drawings for all trusses, girders, and hangers must be posted
  • Rough-in electrical, plumbing, and heating work inspected and approved

Insulation Inspections
  • Framing work inspected and approved
  • Insulation and vapor barriers in place and completed
  • Insulation protected from the weather

Final Inspections
  • Address numerals installed on building and height
  • All referenced inspections on this card are inspected and approved
  • As-built survey submitted to the city engineering division
  • Final electrical, plumbing, and heating work inspected and approved
  • Finish grading and building completed and ready for occupancy
  • Inspections record card posted

For More Information
Contact the building official at (218) 283-0706 for more information about these inspections.