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Treatment Process
Water PlantFirst, raw water is withdrawn from the Rainy River about 1,500 feet upstream to prevent contamination from Second Creek. A screened intake prevents large solids from entering the facility. Water is then pumped to a splitter box. Polymer is added into the water before it is distributed to the five filters. Chlorine and ammonia are added for disinfection after filtration. Soda ash and zinc polyphosphate are then added for pH and corrosion control. Fluoride is added last.

The Next Step
Treated water is pumped from the clearwell to the ground storage reservoir. The reservoir provides water when the demand exceeds the treatment capacity and provides storage when the demand is less than the plant capacity. High service pumps transfer the water from the ground storage reservoir to the distribution system.

Basis of Design
  • Average design flow: 1,090,000 gallons per day
  • Backwash recovery: 275,000 gallons
  • Design population: 11,000 people
  • Design year: 2010
  • Disinfection basin / clearwell: 215,000 gallons
  • Elevated storage: 1,000,000 gallons
  • Filter clarifier stage: 70 square feet, 42 inches of gravel
  • Final filter state: 140 square feet, 10 inches of sand, and 20 inches of coal
  • Ground storage: 500,000 gallons
  • High service pumps 3 - 1500 gpm @ 210 feet TDH
  • Low service pumps: 3 - 750 gpm @ 210 feet TDH
  • Pressure reducing / metering station services Ranier
  • Raw water pumps: 3 - 750 gpm @ 50 feet TDH
  • River level: 1101 to 1106 feet
  • Screened intake: 0.25-inch openings

For More Information
For more information, contact the Water Plant at (218) 283-2990. Read about the filtration process that occurs during the treatment process.