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Home Security
Homeowners should take basic common sense precautions to deter criminal behaviors. Locking garage doors and residence entry points is an easy preventative measure to deter criminals. A good strategy to employ is to check your house from the criminal's point of view, performing a perimeter inspection of the residence and structures to ensure security. Some other tips include:

- Exterior lighting, such as motion sensing lights, is an effective way to keep your home safer.

- Install deadbolts on exterior doors.

- Keep a list of valuables along with model numbers and serial numbers. This is useful in the event something is taken as it may speed up the recovery time.

- Do not store large amounts of cash or valuables inside the residence.

- Lock the residence whenever you leave, even if it is only for a short time.

- If residents are planning on leaving for an extended period of time, such as over the winter months, they can fill out a security check. Officers will check these residences on a regular basis until the individuals return. These security check forms can be requested at the Law Enforcement Center.

For more information you may stop at the Law Enforcement Center (715 4th Street) to pick up home security brochures. These handouts contain additional information and a security checklist for your home.