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Vehicle Security
The City of International Falls typically sees an increase in vehicle tampering in the summer months. The majority of thefts from vehicles occur when the vehicle is left unlocked and is a good example of a crime of opportunity. From the criminal's point of view it is much quicker and safer for an individual to bypass a locked vehicle and quickly rummage through unlocked vehicles. Here are several tips for vehicle safety:

- Lock the vehicle at all times, even if you are only out of it for a short time.

- Keep valuables such as purses, cell phones, cash, etc. out of view when you leave the vehicle. Store valuables in the trunk of the vehicle, but if possible do not leave these items in the vehicle at all.

- Keep an inventory of valuables which are stored in the vehicle. Write down serial numbers and model numbers when possible. The more information available to law enforcement when the crime is reported the better the likelihood the property can be recovered.

- Use a gas cap with a lock to prevent gas theft.