Public Notice and News Release


The City of International Falls wants to remind all citizens of our community that the water department, the gas company and the post office employee’s need our help in keeping driveways and sidewalks clear of ice and snow. Please do your part to keep our employee’s safe in serving you. For your safety and the safety of others, let’s all keep our sidewalks and driveways as clean as possible this winter.

If you contract to have your snow removed, please remember that the City requires all companies that plow snow for a fee to have a license. The annual license cost is $25.00 and they must provide proof of liability insurance. New this year to promote safety and prevent property damage, the City does not allow the use of street-licensed plow vehicles to remove snow from sidewalks in the downtown area. This area is located between 2nd Ave. to 6th Ave. and 2nd St. to 4th St.

As a reminder, City ordinances in effect for many years require that the property
or tenant remove all snow and ice from public sidewalks within 24 hours after it has stopped falling. Sidewalks clear of snow are important for everyone’s safe use, especially so our children have safe walking to and from school, versus having to walk on a busy street.

You may ask, “What happens if I do not remove the snow and ice within 24 hours?” To answer:

  1. The postal service may discontinue mail delivery to your building if they cannot safely access the mailbox.
  2. The utility companies may not be able to read your meter.
  3. If citizens do not remove the snow after a snowfall, then the City may remove the snow and assess the cost against the property.

All entities interested in clear sidewalks and snow removal look forward to your voluntary cooperation in this effort. Please do your part to help your neighbor and our crews keep our streets, alleys, and sidewalks clear of unsafe snow and ice – thank you!

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