EMS & Fire


Mission Statement

To provide those we serve a safe, modern, efficient emergency ambulance service, while contributing to the common good through research and innovation.


The International Falls Fire / Rescue / EMS Ambulance Department is a combination department that provides emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We train continually, learning the best skills in medical emergency treatment. Our department employs four firefighter engineers, six full-time paramedics, and 20 Emergency Medical Technicians.

Fire Department

Mission Statement

To preserve life and prosperity through public education and prompt, efficient emergency response.

About the International Falls Fire Department

International Falls Fire Department has 28 firefighters, five of which are full-time and the remainder are volunteers. These 28 firefighters protect International Falls, Ranier, and outlaying areas. The department now has

  • 1 Arial / snorkeling unit
  • 1 equipment van
  • 1 grass fire rig
  • 2 pumpers

Along with these firefighting units, the rural International Falls area also has a pumper, and a 3,000-gallon tanker. Some of the duties, which the department is responsible for, are firefighting operations, vehicle extrications, fire inspections, and fire prevention throughout the community.

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