Wetlands Management


The city works with wetlands officials to interpret, administer, and enforce the wetlands regulations within the city of International Falls. The city’s wetland regulations are based upon the State of Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act (WCA).


The city is divided into zones or district, based upon existing land uses, existing vegetation, existing soil types, existing elevation relative to the flood plain, and more. If alteration of land or construction of a building is being considered, a determination as to the presence o wetlands should take place before work begins.

Commonly Asked Questions

Examples of commonly asked questions relative to wetlands regulations are listed:

  • What agency determines what is and is not a wetland?
  • Is this property classified as wetland?
  • Can I fill a wetland?
  • Can I build in a wetland?
  • What, if any, exemptions exist if I build in this wetland?
  • Is wetland mitigation required and, if so, in what form and to what extent?

Answers to many of these questions may be obtained by contacting the city’s wetland official.


  • The wetlands official works closely with Koochiching County Environmental Services Department (ESD).
  • The wetlands official works closely with Koochiching County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), which serves as an information clearinghouse and provides technical assistance to county residents, local busnesses and other units of government, as requested.
  • The Koochiching County SWCD also assists with wetland identification and management, and is a member of the Technical Evaluation Panel.
  • The wetlands official works closely with the State of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, State of Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) and the US Army Corps of Engineers.
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