Spring Cleaning

The weather is warming and the snow piles are fast receding.  We offer here a few tips to make the Spring season an uneventful and positive change of seasons.   There is also a renewed focus on removing blight and enforcing ordinance standards.

Water Runoff:  We experience many more drainage problems this time of year with the ground still frozen, snow cover melting, and the occasional rain and snow showers.  You can help to make storm water drainage more effective by following these tips:

  • Keep snow and ice clear from accumulating on your sidewalks, driveways, fire hydrants, fire lanes, street and/or alley catch basins, and keep all pathways open for mail delivery and meter reading,
  • Remove the snow from your roof and roof valleys to promote runoff and prevent ice dams,
  • Keep gutters and downspouts open to direct water to drainage swales or low areas on your lot,
  • Verify your sump pump is operating,
  • When the snow clears, rake-up the accumulated sand, leaves, sticks and branches to remove drainage obstacles and to promote the growth of grass.   Also, remove weeds and keep grass well mowed and less than 6 inches in height at all times.

Outdoor storage:   Without snow cover, much more of our “stuff’ that was once hidden comes into view again.  It is important for commercial properties and residential dwellings to keep refuse off the property except in metal or plastic containers with tight-fitting covers.   Vehicles may not be driven over curbs and be parked in front yards.  Vehicles should not obstruct a sidewalk when parked in a driveway.  Outdoor storage of unlicensed or junk automobiles, rubbish, appliances, construction materials, etc., is unsightly and is not allowed.

Prevention and Elimination of Blighting Factors:   To promote desirable commercial and residential areas within the City, the City Council adopted a resolution supporting action to eliminate deteriorating conditions in the community.  This includes enforcing ordinance standards by the following actions:

  • tagging properties,
  • authorizing public service of notices to offenders,
  • issuing citations,
  • towing junk and abandoned vehicles,
  • assessing administrative fees and fines, some up to $150,
  • using city personnel or others to eliminate the causes of blight and certifying the costs as a special assessment against the property, and
  • criminal prosecution of offenders is encouraged and an accepted means of enforcement and eliminating blight in the community.

Please do your part to keep our community safe, clean, healthy and fun.

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