Notice – Dog and Cat License

Within the City of International Falls all dogs and cats are required to be licensed annually.  Dog and Cat Licenses for 2020 are available at the City Administrator’s Office in the Municipal Building, 600 4th Street or the Borderland Humane Society Holding Facility, 1990 Valley Pine Circle.  The annual license fee for a dog is $4.00 and a cat is $2.00.

According to the City Code, Sec. 10-11, it is unlawful for the owner of any dog or cat to permit such animal to run at large.  Any dog shall be deemed to be running at large unless it is on a durable leash secured to an object or on a leash under the control of a person.  A cat shall be deemed to be running at large unless it is on the premises of the owner.  The ordinance also states:

  1. A license is required for any dog or cat over the age of 4 months.
  2. All licenses expire December 31st.
  3. All licensed dogs and cats must wear a collar with a current license tag attached.
  4. Applications for dog licenses must include a certificate of immunization for rabies.
  5. Any dog or cat running without a tag or at large shall be placed in the holding facility and will be released after purchase of a license and payment of an impoundment fee.
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