April 20, 2020 REVISED City Council Meeting Agenda



City of International Falls – City Council Regular Meeting

5:30 P.M., Monday, April 20, 2020

Council Chamber, 600 Fourth Street


Mn Statute 13D.021 allows meetings to be conducted by telephone or other electronic means under the following conditions:

  1. The Mayor determined an in-person meeting or a meeting conducted under section 13D.02 is not

practical because of a health pandemic.

  1. The Mayor and all Councilors participating in the meeting can hear one another and can hear all


3. Attendance by the public is not feasible due to the health pandemic.

4. At least one member of the City Council is physically present at the regular meeting, unless

unfeasible due to the health pandemic.

5. All votes are conducted by roll call so each members’ vote on each issue can be identified and



Remote access has been set up for this meeting scheduled to be held on April 20, 2020 at 5:30 P.M.

Dial-in phone number: 1-646-876-9923

Meeting number (access code): 3604982796    



Joining by computer:

  1. Go to the URL: https://zoom.us/j/3604982796
  2. Follow on-screen instructions


Joining by Smart Phone app:

  1. Install the Zoom app for Android or iPhone.
  2. Start the app.
  3. Enter the meeting ID: 3604982796

Joining by landline or mobile phone:

  1. Dial in to the following number:
  • 1.646.876.9923
  1. When prompted, enter the following meeting ID: 3604982796
  2. There is no participant ID, so just enter the # key.

When you join the conference, you will be automatically muted.

  • To un-mute yourself, press “*6” (star 6)
  • To mute yourself, press “*6” (star 6)


If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Todd Ojala at: 218-283-7987 toddo@ci.international-falls.mn.us







  1. Minutes of the Monday, April 6, 2020 regular City Council meeting (Council action)



  1. Adopt Resolution No. __-20, Approving Transfers, Payment of Claims and Accounts Payable (Council action)


AUDIENCE – OPEN FORUM (The Open Forum is an opportunity for the audience to address the City Council on any matter not listed on the agenda. Please limit your comments to five minutes.)



  1. First Reading of Ordinance No. __, Fifth Series, An amendment to Code of Ordinances, Section 10-58, Regulation of Tobacco Sales and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems by increasing the lawful age from 18 to 21 and regulating e-cigarettes and vaping (Council action)
  2. Second and Final Reading of Ordinance No. 35, Fifth Series, An amendment to shorten blight timelines and enforcement process contained in Sections 10-51 and 10-99 (Council action)
  3. Second and Final Reading of Ordinance No. 36, Fifth Series, An amendment to the inspection and enforcement process for blighted buildings contained in Sections 4-20 and 4-99 of the International Falls Code of Ordinances (Council action)



  1. Approve quote from DH Wireless for Portable Data Network, Mobile Portable Amplifier, and Verizon data plan for the Chemical Assessment Team (CAT) in the amount of $4,909.64 and $36.00 per month payable from CAT funds (Council action)
  2. Approve quote from Alex Air Apparatus for SCBA compressor, bottles, and labor and equipment to modify fill station trailer in the estimated amount of $57,867 (Council action)



  1. Remove from the table – Request to waive/exempt fees at The Nomad Motel, Myles Wilcott (Council action)
  2. Remove from the Table – Consider closed access to both Boat Landings – April 6, 2020 to April 20, 2020 (Council action)
  3. Reconsider ordinance amendment to allow chickens within the City (Council discussion)
  4. Consider Emergency Ordinances No. 34 and 28 for revision or updates (Council action)


The Consent Agenda allows the City Council to take action on routine matters by one motion that shall not be debated and shall be adopted by unanimous vote of those present. Any individual Council member may remove an item from the Consent Agenda for discussion on the regular agenda. (Council action)

  1. Renew Service Level Agreement for Administration of Revenue Recapture with the State of Minnesota Dept. of Revenue and the Ambulance Service and authorize signatures
  2. Approve Mutual Confidentiality-Nondisclosure Agreement between Midcontinent Communications and the City of International Falls and authorize signatures



  1. Consider license application for “On the Rocks, LLC” for On-Sale Liquor, Sunday Liquor, Off-Sale Liquor, Restaurant, Jukebox, and Pool Table with an effective date of June 1, 2020 (Council action)
  2. Adopt Resolution No.
    -20 approving premises permit application for lawful gambling by the International Falls Voyageurs Snowmobile Club at On The Rocks, LLC, 412 3rd Street, International Falls, MN (Council action)
  3. Consider Koochiching Technology Initiative (KTI) request to reallocate $17,125 of Blandin Foundation grant funds to COVID-19 related support (Council action)
  4. International Falls Area Chamber of Commerce request to Koochiching County to extend payment of property taxes and abate penalties (Council information)
  5. Approve hiring as listed on the summer employee roster (Council action)
  6. Approve Cooperative Construction Agreement between the Minnesota Department of Transportation and City of International Falls for the Highway 53 Reconstruction project (Tentative – action)
  7. Adopt revised Capital Improvement Plan with equipment additions (Council action)
  8. Approve Municipal Advisory Service Agreement with Northland Securities, Inc. (Council action)
  9. Resolution No. __ Approve Bond Sale on May 18, 2020 to issue $5,745,000 General Obligation Sales Tax Bonds to finance 2020 and 2021 Public Improvement Projects and City-share of Highway 53 Improvements (Council action)
  10. Authorize distributing a request for proposal for professional services to prepare an updated pay equity job classification system and related documents (Council action)
  11. Any other business.



  1. Reports of the Administrator, Attorney, and Department Heads
    1. Police Monthly Report, March 2020 (Council information)
    2. Fire/Rescue/EMS Monthly Report, March 2020 (Council information)
    3. Building Official and Zoning Administrator 2020 1st Quarter Report (Council information)
  2. Reports of the Mayor, Council Committees, Boards and Commissions





  • April 15, 2020 – MnDOT District 1 News Release 2020 Construction Projects
  • April 15, 2020 – International Falls Public Library Board of Trustees meeting packet



  1. Next regular City Council meeting is Monday, May 4, 2020 at 5:30 P.M.



Note: Matters inappropriate for consideration at the meeting or not in the order specified shall not be considered except 1) with the unanimous consent of the members of the City Council, or 2) scheduled public hearings or bid lettings, but not before the time stated in the notice.


The City of International Falls complies with the Americans with Disability Act. Individuals with disabilities requiring special aids should contact the City Administrator, 600 Fourth Street, International Falls, MN, 56649, 218-283-9484, at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting


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