2020 Local Street Improvements

The City of International Falls is proud to announce the following list of local projects to be completed in 2020, as per the approved 2020 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  These projects include streets, alleys, water main, and sanitary sewer.

Local City Streets, bituminous overlays, mill/overlays, and full depth reclamation

  • 10th Street from 3rd Ave to Wayside, twelve blocks.
  • Wayside approximately Hwy 11/71 to 14th Ave, four blocks.
  • Beyer Drive 13th Ave to 14th Ave, two blocks.
  • Home Lane from 11th Street to 13th Ave, two blocks.
  • Memorial Drive 2nd Ave East to City limits, eight blocks.
  • All of Shorewood Drive
  • All of Crabtree Boulevard
  • 14th Ave from 11th Street to 13th Street, two blocks.
  • 13th Ave from 11th Street to 15th Street, four blocks.
  • 8th Ave from 11th Street to 13th Street, two blocks.
  • 13th Street from 9th Ave to 11th Ave, two blocks.
  • 15th Street from 14th Ave to 11th Ave, three blocks.
  • 7th Ave from 5th Street to 11th Street, five blocks.
  • 8th Ave East from 19th Street to 20th Street, one block

Municipal State Aid Streets

  • 15th Street from 3rd Ave East to 10th Ave East
  • 14th Ave from 11th Street to Hwy 11/71, four blocks (2019 project to be finished in 2020)


  • 18th Street to 19th Street between 2nd Ave West and 1st Ave West, one block

Water main replacement

  • 2nd Ave West from 17th Street to 20th Street
  • 6th Street from mid block between 3rd Ave West and 4th Ave West to alley between 3rd Ave West and 2nd Ave West

Sanitary Sewer lining and service grouting (using trenchless technology)

  • 2nd Street South to 9th Street between 6th Ave West to 2nd Ave West

2020 CIP Map (Click and Print)

CIP Year 2020 Map
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