September 28, 2020 Special City Council Meeting


September 28, 2020 Special City Council Meeting Minutes

4:00 P.M.


A special meeting of the City Council of the City of International Falls, Minnesota was held in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building and via Zoom Conferencing on the 28th day of September, 2020 at the hour of 4:05 P.M.


MEMBERS PRESENT:      Mayor Droba, Councilor Ditsch, Councilor Briggs and Councilor Krause.

                    Councilor Buller, media and public via Zoom Conferencing. All members noted they could hear the others and the discussion.



APPROVED Second and final reading of Contract Ordinance #971 for Pleasant Avenue Water Main Project

MOTION by Councilor Ditsch approving the second and final reading of Contract Ordinance #971for Pleasant Avenue Water Main Project. Motion seconded by Councilor Briggs and carried unanimously.


APPROVED Human Resources Committee recommendation to hire Michael Wallace as Public Works Supervisor

Director of Public Works Ted Brokaw explained that it has been a long process that began in June 2020. The hiring committee unanimously determined that the position should be offered to Michael Wallace. Mr. Wallace has served in the Public Works department for the City of South St. Paul for 17 years, has worked as lead employee, and brings supervisory and/or work experience in parks, streets, and utilities.

MOTION by Councilor Briggs approving Human Resources Committee recommendation to hire Mike Wallace as the Public Works Supervisor. Motion seconded by Councilor Krause. Motion passed 4-0-1 with Councilors Briggs, Krause, Ditsch, and Mayor Droba voting ‘yea’ and Councilor Buller abstaining.


ADOPTED Resolution No. 87-20 approving the 2021 Preliminary Budget and Levy

City Administrator Anderson shared that it has been a difficult exercise working on the Budget and Levy. Cuts have occurred in every department totally almost $85,000. Cuts also occurred to other agencies. A preliminary 6% levy increase has been included, all designated for the Airport if no bonding moneys are received. City Administrator Anderson also emphasized that the preliminary budget and levy can be reduced before final approval in December, but it cannot be increased once approved.

Mayor Droba asked how much money was being pulled from Reserves and City Administrator Anderson indicated that the proposed amount is $125,999.

Mayor Droba thanked Councilor Krause for leading the Budget and Finance Committee. He also commended the City Administrator, Deputy City Administrator and Finance Officer for all the work they did working on the budget.

Mayor Droba stated their goal is still to get the levy down to zero.

MOTION by Councilor Krause adopting Resolution No. 87-20 approving the 2021 Preliminary Budget and Levy. Motion seconded by Councilor Ditsch and carried unanimously.



Mayor Droba adjourned the meeting at 4:20 P.M.


Harley M. Droba, Mayor



Kenneth R. Anderson, City Administrator

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