November 14, 2022 Canvassing Board Minutes

The City of International Falls’ City Council convened a Canvassing Board meeting held in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building on Monday, November 14, 2022, at the hour of 4:00 P.M. directly preceding the Budget & Finance and Committee-of-the-Whole Meetings.

MEMBERS PRESENT:      Mayor Droba and Councilors Buller and Ditsch.

MEMBERS ABSENT:         Councilor Krause and Holden

STAFF PRESENT:              Betty Bergstrom (City Administrator), Adam Mannausau (Fire Chief), Brad Ettestad (Finance Officer), Jared Baldwin (Fire Marshal), Kelly Meyers (Building Official), Makayla Werdier (Office Clerk), Mike Kostiuk (Police Chief), Ted Brokaw (Public Works Director), Todd Ojala (IT Administrator), and Sherri Stensland (Human Resources & Safety Director)

OTHERS PRESENT:          Wong Nystrom (Enterprise Fleet Management Lease Program Sr. Account Executive) and Timothy Wegner (Center Ward Councilor Candidate)


The following votes were cast in the ballots tabulated for the municipal offices in the November 8, 2022 General Election and were presented to the Canvassing Board by City Administrator Betty Bergstrom:

OFFICE                                 EAST WARD        CENTER WARD        WEST WARD       TOTAL


East Ward Councilor

Michael H. Bahr                      189                                                                                       189

Pete Kalar                                417                                                                                       417

Write-In                                       1                                                                                           1


Center Ward Councilor

Tim Wegner                                                              501                                                      501

Write-In                                                                      10                                                        10


West Ward Councilor

Walt Buller                                                                                                 780                     780

Write-In                                                                                                        4                         4


The tally sheets were reviewed by the Canvassing Board.


ACCEPTED ELECTION RETURNS AS PRESENTED Upon review and consideration of the tally sheets for the three (3) voting Wards of the City, presented by the City Administrator, and canvassing of the returns, the consensus of the City Council as the Canvassing Board accepts the returns.


Certificates of election will be issued to the following candidates when the deadline date for contesting elections has passed:

East Ward Councilor           Pete Kalar

Center Ward Councilor       Tim Wegner

West Ward Councilor           Walt Buller

ADJOURNMENT Mayor Droba adjourned the Canvassing Board meeting at 4:10 P.M.

Harley M. Droba, Mayor


Betty Bergstrom, City Administrator

Attachment:   2022 General Election for City of International Falls, Original Abstract and Return of the Votes Cast.

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